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Machie Kash : This is a small cooperative of artisans specialising in the production of hand-decorated lacquered papier-mâché objects. The production of these “Paper Machie” hand-made objects harks back to a centuries-old tradition and is undertaken by highly-specialised artisans. The aim of the Machie Kash cooperative is to re-evaluate the abilities of these workers by finding commercial outlets that are both respectful of the incredible amount of work required to produce the objects and to garner the income they deserve for such work, despite the general state of poverty due to the Indian-Pakistani conflict. Thanks to their collaboration with the CTM-Altromercato consortium, Machie Kash aims to guarantee is cooperative-workers dignified living standards and the possibility of making the most of their own activities, improving the quality and commercial standard of their products through constant feedback from and dialogue with their Italian partners.

CTM - Altromercato S.c.a.r.l. is a consortium of more than 100 "World Stores", all of which are non-profit organisations. CTM operates in the fair trade sector in Italy by:
cooperating with small producers' organisations (farmers and artisans) in the south of the world;
developing, pre-financing, producing and marketing food products and ethnic artisan products made exclusively by the producers' organisations;
providing information and fostering awareness both in Italy and abroad through a network of European fair trade organisations on the economic relations between North and South.
In more than 10 years' activities, CTM has promoted cooperative projects with more than 150 groups of small producers in 40 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. With more than 300 World Stores in Italy (these are both “shops” in the traditional sense and information centres on fair trade), and thanks to the dedication of more than 3,000 volunteers, CTM has promoted the criteria, values and products of fair trade, raising the awareness of customers, economic dealers and institutions.

Internet site: www.altromercato.it; E mail: info@altromercato.it.

Cooperativa Sociale Amandla (non-profit organisation): Founded in 1994, it is mainly concerned with fair trade. The cooperative is a member of CTM-Altromercato (Italy's main importer of fair trade products) and runs two World Stores in Bergamo. The cooperative also promotes cultural initiatives whose aim is to raise awareness of fair trade issues and endorse critical thought on the economic and cultural relations between North and South. They also produce musical CDs with the aim of raising funds for projects put forward by producers/partners in the South of the world.

Address: Via Baioni 34, 24123 Bergamo; Tel. and fax: 035 210520; Internet site: www.amandla.it ; E-mail: info@amandla.it


Comunidade infantil Nossa Senhora de Loreto

Nossa Senhora de Loreto ONLUS association was founded in 1988. Its purpose's to help poor people of the word. The first community is in Sao Luis, in Maranhao, Brasil. The first help is for children, with several initiatives :courses of hortocultura, to learn to boys to work the soil, panificacao to learn bread-making and several courses of crafts manship. Recently began the “Mulher no campo facendo artesanato” project: several women work in crafts manship. Their husbands till land. The land is guaranteed by the MST association - Without land mouvement- a mouvement that fight against fazeinderos men, owner of enormous fazendas, for poor men.

Info = NOSSA SENHORA DE LORETO – C. P. 1 - 22070 Locate Varesino

Tel. 0331 – 833019 fax 0331 - 833645